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The worst ever. We purchase tickets online for years and never had such a terrible experience with regards to customer service and the need to change a flight. Even though we are willing to pay any difference they refuse to provide a service that is doable as the airline and other travel agency have confirmed. Event the airline the flight is booked with felt bad for us and contacted their customer service while I was on the line. After a long... Read more

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I tried to make a change to my outbound flight from Wed to Monday same flight number, time etc. Was told it would be a 700.00 plus fee to change. I started to ask a couple more questions and they hung up on me. I called back and he said you just called why are you calling back. What kind of company is this. I tried to get United to make the change and they were restricted from making changes. What? This is United Airlines. United said it should... Read more

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Do Not Book with them. After 12 hours E-ticket still not issued, called my cc company to advise and found out that they charged my card twice. Once at original time I purchased then ran charge through again 6 hours later. When I tried calling for 4 hours with number listed in their email all I got was a recording stating "call can not go through". I finally got of hold of someone this morning using the telephone number they called me on to... Read more

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I purchased air ticket the payment transaction was successful and money deducted from my Visa account but thanks to the unprofessional team of Cheapfareguru that even after 24 hours of purchase my Air Ticket/E-Ticket was not emailed to me....I Emailed them again but even after 12 hours there was no response from them. I have been trying to call the number given on their website but a long wait of even 30-35 minutes could not get me to the agent.... Read more

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I booked a ticket online and I received an email asking me to verify my booking by checking my bank account and verify the test amount deposited. I checked my account online and never received any amount to verify. I called the company, however, their lines were busy from 8am ET until 2:30pm ET when I finally got the phone to ring, only to be put on hold for 1 hour. When the agent finally came on the phone he put me on hold for another 30... Read more

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Don't fall by their cheap price, go to other web site even you have to pay few more bucks. They charge 3 times more for the one way ticket price if you have to change the flight.what a rip off

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I booked with cheapfareguru and I can not believe these people are allowed to be in business they are a rip off, scam. They cancel my ticket with an confirmation said that they didn't get a hold of us and we were on phone with them. They canceled while we were on the phone. Also tried to get me for more money saying it was my fault. Never use this company. You'll have such a hard time. No one should have to go through this. Read more

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My experience with Cheap Fare Guru I contacted them and spoke with Ron Kunar ("supervisor" ) employee no 107 he told me that I cannot cancel my ticket and I need to give them a specific date for when I should change my fare, I did not wanted a change of fare yet as I do not know as I have a family matter. So I called the airline and they have canceled my ticket. try to call customer service within US because in Europe if you talk to them they... Read more

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This was a nightmare to book air tickets from the company. I selected a round trip from Phoenix to Paris from website and booked the flight for a family of four with all personal infomation as well as credit card info. After done the booking, I got emails from the company, saying that in order to complete the credit card transaction, I need to send them an email with a sample statement from them, stating that I will never argue or dispute with... Read more

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How can this company continue to rip of consumers and get away with it ? 5 weeks later I still don't have my refund and it seems that many consumers reading online about this company have never received refunds and lost thousands!!!! They lied to me when trying to change my ticket a day before TRAVELLING ! Spent4 hours,yes 4 hours on hold and then only to be put on hold again and after nearly an hour disconnected . They told me I couldn't change... Read more

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